Regardless of the therapeutic target, any chemical entity that penetrates the central nervous system (CNS) requires preclinical analysis of its effects.  Specialized neurobehavioral testing strategies help avoid false positives or underestimated risks that may manifest later in clinical trials or during the first few years of clinical use.

TMR has a long lasting expertise with design, analysis, and interpretation of neurobehavioral studies in mice and rats.

Through a wide range of behavioral tests that use independent digital and video animal tracking systems, we can characterize genetically-, surgically- or pharmacologically-derived mouse models in order to obtain a complete picture of learning and memory, motor activity, coordination and gait and sensory abilities.

We can assist in developing new mouse neurobehavioral paradigms and protocols, new surgical and chemical mouse and rat models, in characterizing ontogeny and neurobehavior of new transgenic models.


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