TransMed Research s.r.l. (TMR) is an innovative GLP-compliant contract research organization  specialized in neuroscience, wound healing and reparative medicine

​TMR supports discovery, preclinical and clinical drug development: we provide a state of the art research environment for testing and evaluating new potential treatment approaches.

TMR is accredited as Test Facility by the Italian Ministry of Health and can release formal reports adhering to the requirements of law as laid down by the regulatory agencies (AIFA, EMA, FDA) in the following areas:

  • Toxicity studies in vitro and in vivo
  • Bioanalyses and molecular biology
  • Pharmacodynamics and safety 

T.R.L. (Technology Readiness Level): Are you ready?

The need to assess costs, timing and risks associated with Research and Development is increasingly leading to employ efficacious measurement systems that allow to identify the level of maturity of new sciences, industrial processes and medical treatments.
In the field of Life Sciences, major funding bodies both public and private are starting to adopt objective scales to measure progress along the path from basic research to the market such as the Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) measurement system.
The adoption of the TRLs will help companies, academic and drug developers to make decisions concerning the development and transition of a potential medicinal product along the innovation chain.
TRL system is a valuable tool to manage the progress of research and development activity within an organization.
Within this framework, in the sectors of Life Sciences (pharma, biotech, health device ect…) and Food, the transition from TLR 4 to TRL 5 is accomplished only if protocols are run under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)-compliant conditions.
TMR can support companies through the transition from TLR 3 to TRL 8:

  • TRL da 3 a 4: laboratory tests in compliance with GLP
  • TRL da 4 a 5: laboratory tests in accordance with GLP
  • TRL da 5 a 8: laboratory tests (Biomarkers) as Test Facility accredited by the Minister of Health

TMR is a valuable and willing partner for companies and academics who aim to secure the transition of their products across the TRLs helping them to efficaciously design and execute their research and development activities!


In cooperation with IRET Foundation Laboratories