TMR utilizes a large number of cell lines and primary cultures and employs a wide variety of approaches ranging from immunocytochemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology using disease-specific readouts. The in vitro facility is GLP accredited and validations are performed in accordance with OECD and FDA guidelines.

Cell systems

  • • cell lines (including SH-SY5Y, NT2D1, PC12, Murine Embryonic Fibroblasts)
  • • primary cultures (inlcuding rat/mouse primary cortical neurons)
  • • stem cells (rat embryonic stem cells, rat/mouse embryonic/adult neural stem cells, animal and human mesenchymal stem cells)

Cell assays

  • • viability (MTT, Neutral Red, pycnotic nuclei analysis, mithocondrial   integrity)
  • • neuronal profiling (neurites maturation and elongation)
  • • stem cell lineage (immunocytochemistry/molecular biology)


  • • conventional microscopy and fluorescence microscopy
  • • confocal time lapse microscopy
  • • high content analysis and screening
    • • 2D, 3D, 4D-computeized image analysis