TMR develops disease animal models, utilizes transgenic animals, analyzes learning and memory, motor behavior, sensory motor integration, gain, pain threshold in freely moving animals, anxiety and depression behavior in laboratory animals. Animal facility is GLP accredited and validations are performed in accordance with OECD and FDA guidelines.

Animal models, microsurgery and stereotaxic surgery

  • • neuroinflammation (experimental allergic encephalomyelitis; LPS acute and chronic administration)
  • • acute somatic pain (intraplantar CFA and carrageenin injection)
  • • chronic somatic and neuropathic pain (chronic CFA arthritis; axotomy, chronic contrcition injury)
  • • visceral pain (cystitis by cyclophosphamide)
  • • traumatic spinal cord injury (by Impactor)
  • • intracerebroventricular acute and chronic delivery (also using chronic minipump implant and saporin-conjugated neurotoxines)


  • • learning and memory by computerized videotracking (Y-Maze, Morris Water Maze, Novel Object Recognition, Contextual fear conditioning)
  • • sensory performance
  • • motor behavior by computerized technologies (activity cage, spontaneous locomotion, footfalls and gait analysis)
  • • microdialysis and neurotransmitters dosage (HPLC) in freely moving animals