Design of preclinical research and power and interpretation of data must be carefully addressed if we want to obtain reliable results. Our senior Research Team has a long lasting experience in several research fields, methodologies and diverse types of studies, gained through year of work by the side of academics as well as developers. Applying the highest level of scientific rigor to science, we can help you design the most translatable study.

A successful study design is achieved through a logical path and requires background information and experience. Moreover, it must be carefully tailored to meet the specific requirements and needs of the client.

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At TMR, each and every study is grounded on a defined, carefully-thought and well-controlled set of experiments coupled with appropriate statistical methods as well as methods to reduce bias such as blinding, randomization, defined exclusion/inclusion criteria and endpoints. We are also very careful about biological variables (such as sex or mouse strain) and key biological and/or chemical resources (including cell lines, chemicals, antibodies and other biologics) that may affect reproducibility and reliability of results.

TMR senior Research team has proven experience designing and conducting preclinical studies that end up with robust and credible results.

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